Best 10 Oscar – Best Picture Predictions


Which 5 movies will likely be nominated in the best-picture class and which of those images will win the most coveted Oscar for Best Picture in the 80th Academy Awards on February 24th 2008? This is the most recent hotlist of this 10 most serious contenders.

Charlie Wilson’s War – A true story of the manner play boy Texan congressman Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) and rogue CIA operative Gust Avrakotos (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) manipulated congress, both the CIA and numerous foreign authorities to arm and also help the Mujahedeen rebels in Afghanistan in their war against the oscars  Soviet Union. Spurred on by his rich, Greek and amazing hating lover Joanne (Julia Roberts) Charlie’s secret trades are so strong also as contributing to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ending of the Cold War they’ve more significant impacts in the gain of the Taliban. Charlie Wilson’s War is directed by Mike Nichols and relies on George Crile’s bestselling book of the identical name.

Atonement – In case a covetous 13 year old Briony (Saoirse Ronan) get’s her sister Cecilia (Keira Knightley) adore Robbie (James McAvoy) detained for a crime he did not commit it is going to change the class of their lives. Searching for forgiveness for her indiscretion Briony’s guilt sets her compared to get Atonement, and also to a discovery of the power of enduring love, you can just imagine the facts. Atonement is a variant of Ian McEwan’s book and is led by Joe Wright (Pride & Prejudice).

No Country for Old Men – If ordinary guy Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) stumbles across a ring of corpses, a truck filled with heroin and $2 million in money he makes the decision to keep the money. Shortly killer Anton (Javier Bardem) comes following Moss along with the cash, whilst nearby sheriff Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) is hot on the heels of the two. The Coen brothers No Country for Old Men is an enjoyable suspense filled story of murder, morality and cash. But look beyond the blood and bowels No Country for Old Men explores darker themes of nature and principles, because it delves into the mind and spirits of its characters: the fine (Jones), the poor (Bardam)and also the norm (Brolin).

The Kite Runner – In a split nation on the point of war, two childhood friends, Amir and Hassan, are going to be torn apart forever. From the collapse of Afghanistan’s monarchy to the present day atrocities of the Taliban, The Kite Runner tells the way the boy’s fearful act of betrayal would scar their own lives. Following two years living in the USA, Amir returns to a Afghanistan under Taliban control to face until the secrets of his nightmares and create a bold final bid for salvation. Starring Shaun Toub, Khalid Abdalla, Nasser Merarzia, Said Taghmaoui and Atossa Leoni The Kite Runner is a memorable narrative of salvation.

There’ll Be Blood – Created by Upton Sinclair’s book ‘Oil’, there will Be Blood is an epic change of this 20th-century interval drama regarding greed, corruption, faith and family life in the quest for the American dream. Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview that the prospector who strikes it rich sets the ‘greatest- star’ gauntlet, and it’s ably supported by Paul Dano because the attractive young preacher in the little town turned boom city.

American Gangster – established Outcast detective Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe) supposes a new crime director is creating a powerplay to restrain Manhattans heroin trade. Nobody managed to detect Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington), however when his boss unexpectedly dies, Frank by corruption, motivation and business acumen want to coincide with their particular American Dream since the American Gangster. Despite being on opposite sides of the law, both the Lucas and Roberts have comparable integrity that has sets them out as loners, at the last confrontation just one of these will look victorious. American Gangster is directed by Ridley Scott and also stars Cuba Gooding Junior, Josh Brolin, Armand Assante, John Hawkes & Ted Levine.

Reservation Road – A deadly accident entwines the lives of two families in this story of anger, revenge and finally guts. Both households are obscured from the tragedy and Reservation Road investigates the response and interaction between both sides, both the confrontation and hard decisions that both dads must create. Reservation Road is directed by Terry George, is based upon the book of this Identical name by John Burnham Schwartz, along with stars Mira Sorvino and Elle Fanning.

Into the Wild – Director and screenwriter Sean Penn strong adaptation of into the Wild the bestselling book by Jon Krakauer. On the Wild is your actual story about the life span of Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) who afterwards graduating donates his entire savings to Oxfam, abandons his nearest and dearest, home amenities and possessions, and heads to get a lifetime of self sufficiency and achievement from the jungle of Alaska. Also starring Brian Dierker, Marcia Gay Harden, Hal Holbrook, William Hurt, Catherine Keener, Jena Malone, Kirsten Stewart & Vince Vaughn into the Wild tells the story of Christopher’s trip to Alaska and also the life changing characters he meets along the way.

Eastern Promises – Created and filmed in London, Eastern Promises stars Viggo Mortensen because the barbarous yet mysterious Nikolai a catalyst for notorious Russian crime organisation the Vory. In case Nikolai crosses paths with Anna (Naomi Watts) a mid spouse whose innocent attempts to stick to the type of a kid whose teenaged mother dies in childbirth uncovers harmful evidence against the Vory, a troubling set of murder, deceit, and reprisal is unleashed.

In The Valley of Elah – Sometimes locating the crude reality is easier than facing it. At The Valley of Elah war veteran Hank Deerfield (Tommy Lee Jones) and his wife (Susan Sarandon) together with the aid of local police officers (Charlize Theron) search to receive the facts behind their child’s disappearance following his return from the war in Iraq. Director Paul Haggis (CRASH) infuses the bare scenes of city desperation with all the vibrant detail and psychological performances of the plagued Theron and also the distress packed Jones alongside Sarandon. In The Valley of Elah also stars Frances Fisher, James Franco and Jason Patric.

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