Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Pool


Billiards is played on a pool table with six pockets and fifteen pool balls. Pool balls are divided into two categories, solid and striped, with one white ball and one black ball. The object of the game is to use your pool cue to hit the white ball in order to knock your balls into the pockets of the table. If you have the solid balls, then you try to hit only the solid balls. Once you have all your balls in   Wanted  the pockets you then hit the black 8 ball into the pocket and you’ve won the game! Sounds pretty easy, right?http://pool-8-ball.co.uk

There’s a reason it’s called a sport and many people play high stakes tournaments for big cash prizes. Pool is played at the Olympics and is quite competitive. Playing pool has become one of the most popular pastimes in the United States and a great many players who began as weekend warriors have moved on to become quite skilled. What once was a leisurely activity and a past time can become a passion for anyone who has picked up a pool cue. Pool is also a game of strategy, and it takes a skillful player to bring it home and pocket all your balls.

There are many different kinds of pool balls out there, and you can spend anywhere from around $30 dollars for a traditional set to a couple of hundred dollars for a more stylized set. Pool balls come with different fonts on them, different colors, and a variety of finishes. Some are clear and others fully colored, Aramith has seven sets of unique pool and Snooker balls to choose from. From camouflage balls to black light balls that glow in the dark when a black light is played on them, these are quality pool balls. They even offer a line of stone pool balls that seem to come from the Stone Age and would be a great addition to any home billiards table. Some pool balls even come with a back story.

Elephant Pool Balls were designed for the motion picture The Adventures of Pluto Nash, starring Eddie Murphy. These unique balls, called Lunar Rocks are amazingly beautiful and their design is perhaps one of the most unique displayed on any pool balls created. Whatever pool balls you choose to purchase make sure that you buy professional grade as they can only help improve your game and light up your billiards table.